Most Successful Business of the Year

The positive changes that have taken place in Adore Kompani over the past 2 years have not gone unnoticed by the Dubai Business Institute Organization, and for

Ulduz Adore

For many years, Adore has been synonymous with elegance and beauty, and has placed a significant emphasis on elevating the level of professionalism

A new fragrance from the BDK brand

The presentation of the new perfume of the French brand BDK was held at the event organized by Adore Perfumery & Cosmetics, the largest perfumery and cosmetics chain


The Adore store, located in the Ganjlik Mall held an event dedicated to the presentation of the Nightology brand and the astrological connection of a person with fragrances.

Magic of the Scent

The Sabina Deniz mall store hosted an event dedicated to the spring mood and how scents affet it. Sabina store chain made a pleasant surprise for all guests.

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beauty and leather care become a favorite address for everyone